December in the mountains

I recently learned that people actually read and try to “follow” this blog so I will attempt to give an update of my experiences in December here and Jan will be in the next blog.

At my Mums home with my little sister Gaia. Soooo chill

I spend Christmas and new year at a lovely new spiritual home (I’m starting to collect a nice bunch so far 😊), Casa Betania: a former Monastery in the mountains right outside of Sagunt. I arrived there for the first time somewhere in the beginning of December and returned there for the holidays. At the Casa I was welcomed with the hospitality that the mixture of Christian charity and Spanish hospitality decrees, but also with the love and kindness of two women, Mildrey and her mother Angeles, who are solely devoted to their sacred duty to look after the less fortunate souls. As a homeless traveler I was taken in with so much lots of love and care that warms my heart each time I think of it.

In the middle I spent two weeks in Holland and one weekend back in my Belgian Spiritual home, Anam Cara. My Mum had her Pensioning party at this time and I had the guts and glory of organizing a little coming of Age ceremony for her. This party was beautiful and powerful, especially because my grandmother dragged her old and failing body to Amsterdam to attend this feast in honor of her daughter. I went back to Spain, Valencia and Casa Betania on the 15th.
Arriving there I was taken upon an immense journey of discovering what it is like to organize and plan workshops and retreats, for real! My brain reveled in the challenge and my emotional body was very grateful for the break. David, my teacher and coach in these parts, was extremely patient and generous in his efforts to get me to set up workshops I would teach and public talks I would give in January. We worked together for the entire week, full days of morning till evening. In the end the result is great!

Mum looking up, joined by her study friends, as I am leading her “croning ceremony” from atop the stairs. This is just before I invite her up to join the other ‘Crones’ and take her staff of wisdom. It was pretty cool!

Check out, and see what retreats or workshops of ours you would like to join!!!

The best aspects about David and his mentorship is the way he balances business and spirituality. There is no spiritual babble with this guy, because with all the techniques he was taught he investigated the scientific background and practical present-day usage profoundly. These techniques include, among many others, Vipassana mediation (45 days including darkness retreats), breath works, enneagrams and knowledge of Shamanic practices and backgrounds.

Working with David is a bit like working on this sandsculpture. Its hard work and mediative for the most part, but in the end it is a well researched and planned piece or Art!

After a week of work, I spent a lovely, peaceful and surprisingly homely Christmas at Casa Betania with Mildrey, Angeles and David. At New Year’s my Mum and Dad came to the mountains. They met David and I took some time off work to be with them. NY’s eve was lovely and calm as well, we got smoothly tipsy and had a very loving and soft but powerful evening together.

This was the very first fire outside I built up and lit and tended on my own. While building and lighting I called upon the four directions and spirits of middle earth and above to be with us on new years eve.

Is was a gentle and soft end to a heavy and hectic year. Seeing all the posts on Facebook reminded me that I was not the only one who was happy that there is a new year to look forward to.
May 2020 Be Great for Everyone!!

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