Me: I am a highly educated (Ba Cultural anthropology and Ma Practical Theology) homeless wandering hippie. I worked in hospitality and psychiatry a lot, also tried some Uni work but I can’t stand the politics. I loove my family and friends and I adore all creatures (especially the ugly ones).

My dream: A world in which we can all be the best we can, be seen and heard and feel like we belong. A community based society where spirituality, love and care are more in the news then disasters, lies and violence.

Maybe a little bit of a plan ;): I want to work at, or set up, a space, akin to a retreat centre, where I can welcome outcasts and the in-crowd of our crazy world… make courses and group gatherings happen. A place where the Lonely can belong and the Over-stimulated can retreat into stillness, Artists can create and Lovers can love.

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